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Monday, July 5, 2010

003 Funding

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Human Rights Non Profit
"Be Helpful, Not Hurtful", is like Extreme Makeover Home Edition but Instead of one home given away per week across the country,

every local TV Station runs their version of,
“Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”!
 100's if not 1000's of homes will be given away every week

especially if it is Global

and aired more than one day a week!

Build all Small & Large Green Businesses needed to create Sustainable Communities creating high paying green careers.
Every Local TV Station Raffles Off & Gives Away Green Homes!  Multiple ways to win & or increase your chances of winning by volunteering & being Helpful.  Winners Must, “Pay It Forward!”
Advertisers will pay more because the viewers watch the TV Show for hidden clues in the TV Show & Commercials.  Use the clues to enter to win a brand new, Solar/Wind powered, environmentally friendly, 3 bedroom home & 2 green cars.
Use Product placement to receive donations of products & or money. Everything green we use & do, we are advertising for local services & products.
By building so many different variations of alternative energy & green living, all become cheaper faster!  The more we do it the cheaper it gets.
Eventually, we will have a Trust Fund & just spend the Revenue Gained never touching the Principle.  All Donations would be able to be added to the Principle just as the Multiple Ongoing Raffles.
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004 Raffle

"Be Helpful, Not Hurtful"
Will be primarily donated through those that wish to win a home from the Raffle Tickets & Advertisers.  No limit to the number of tickets a person can buy.  The winner is randomly selected after 250,000 tickets are purchased.  Purchasing tickets increases your chance of winning by increasing the number of winners per month 40% towards the winner, 30% towards current projects and 30% into the Trust Fund for Future Projects.   Your chances are always 1 – 250,000 per ticket you buy.
How To Receive A New Or Remodeled Home
Volunteer & donate a very large amount of hours
Purchase At An Affordable Price & Reasonable Rates
Register To Win & Watch.  To register you must fill out the Questionnaire.  Every episode a code will be given for the next day’s drawings.  If you do not have Internet, you may send in your questionnaire and then register daily by phone.  Inspirational Quote, every episode has a different Inspirational Quote.  The inspirational quote is the code that needs to be entered each day for that days drawing.
Buy A Raffle Ticket
Show the Inspirational Quote before, after & occasionally during the middle of commercials.
Selection Process
Monday – Friday: 1 person selected per show.  1 small business remodeled or given away, 2 Random Winners & 2 Volunteers selected per week.  Once any of the Raffles have enough entries the winner of the Raffles will be televised as well.
Mon – Friday:  10 X Volunteers, the people vote and choose 1, 8 X People in Need, the people vote and choose 1, 6 X Random Winners, 1 X Employee, 1 X Small Business is created, expanded or remodeled
Sunday:  Something for a local the Community, the people blog ideas and then vote for what gets selected on the next show.  The Neighborhood is randomly selected.
25 people selected per week at 1 show per day Monday through Friday and 1 show on Sunday, 5 homes given away per show 1 Business Remodeled or Created Green given away and something for a Local Community per week.
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005 Pay It Forward Workforce

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
If you win a home, you must help build it & “Pay it Forward” to or help rebuild or build at least 3 other houses & 1 green business.  Give hands on training to at least 3 people to do some of the tasks you did while “Paying It Forward”.  As you can tell from the picture above, in a short time the numbers become staggering!  These are the ripple effects of giving away just one home.  “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” will give away many homes per week, per TV Station & hopefully Globally.  Now think of those numbers as volunteers ready & willing to rebuild everything green.  Any organization that Partners with me, no matter the number of volunteers they donate, within 1 year of the first show being aired, I will return double the volunteers!  Up to & including 100% of the Organizations volunteers!  I would love to try this with Habitat For Humanity!
High School & College Students could receive hands on skills education.  High School Credit can also be given to those not currently enrolled in High School.  This includes people of all ages with access to the Internet or participating Community Centers.  Everyone gets credit for being Helpful.  Most of the homes can be constructed at the different manufactures & several different training facilities.  The actual homes will be assembled on site, like an Olde Fashioned Barn Raising but with today’s technologies.  Utilize as many local experts as we can recruit.  Experts help develop training materials & train additional help.  All the people who chose to pursue Green Careers & are now experts in their field train our volunteers.  All the designs we choose to use or modify make sure the creative minds behind those ideas are rewarded.  Share Knowledge, no point in reinventing the wheel.
Trade Green Home for Labor Policy, Employees & Volunteers only!  We will have to calculate the dollar amount of the desired house including the value of the property.  After that, then it is a direct trade for services rendered.  Volunteering also increases you chances of wining a home!  This will attract many more volunteers, like renters who are tired of renting & ready to own.  I am sure that there are many Unemployed & Homeless People who just want a chance to contribute to society again.  We could teach them how to build the houses & train them for green careers.
Please Note: The number of volunteers I return will be dependent on the numbers of TV Stations Airing “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.”  If Habitat For Humanity gave me access to all of their volunteers and I only had one TV Station Airing the Show, then of course I would not even be able to return an equal amount of the hours donated.  If Habitat For Humanity donated all the volunteers needed to create the first season, I know with the positive ripple effects this will create, I could return double the hours donated within a year!  This is also true for each and every TV Station that shoots a local version of “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.”  The more Habitat For Humanity helps me, the more they have to gain!  Given enough time, many of the Non-Profits Mission Statements that help me will change from unattainable ideals into attainable goals.  I think that we will find this in many areas.  If we truly have ideal ideals, given enough time and collective energy, we can change many unattainable ideals into attainable goals!  We just must use lots of positive reinforcement to receive positive results.  The more positive reinforcement we use, the more positive results we will see!  We know this from the evidence of our current dichotomy system of negative reinforcement in which criminals are getting the most work and attention by the system.

The planet & the economy are on a very short time frame, so lets act like it!  As Global Warming/Cooling, Climate Change are being debated, we are perpetuating the problems rather then fixing our known unsustainable actions.  Is it not the definition of insanity to continue to do the same actions expecting a different outcome?  Our economy is on the brink of collapse, we need jobs & this creates high paying green careers.  Most people cannot afford to eat healthy many of the unhealthy choices shouldn't even be legal.  People will be able to grow their own organic produce out of a green house inside their homes.  Each day we are closer to needing to be collectively restoring the planet & the economy as a priority to all.  My intention is to get people to choose to be helpful with tons of positive reinforcement!  Please, help me Be Helpful!  Please consider just for a moment the positive ripple effects of 1 TV Station, now 10, 20, 100 & 500.  While you are considering the ripple effects don’t forget to calculate every winner must "Pay It Forward" & help build 3 green homes.
Lets choose to evolve, lets choose to,
Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Please note at the bottom of the blog is a link "Older Posts" it is a few more pages of my blog.

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006 Business Pay It Forward Policies

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Business Pay it Forward Policies
Small Business Policy
By registering to win a Business, you agree to the following Small Businesses Policy.  Upcycling, everything must have an easy way to Upcycle.  This includes having information for customers on Upcycling anything that is purchased from your company before it is sold.  We will provide any assistance necessary.  Provide more Working From Home Opportunities.  Let us look at what jobs should be done from home.  Not just data entry but video conferencing meetings as well.  A lot of clerical & secretarial work could be done from home.  Saving natural resources, saving the employees time, less stress, if a parent, they have more time to raise their child.  Provide step-by-step job instructions for all positions available broken down by tasks.  If need be, you can work with us in developing training materials for all positions & tasks within your company.  Link all participating small businesses to our website.  Anyone will be able to donate to specific programs & or use specific services.  The CEOs pay will not to exceed 20% more than the average employees.  During the 80s when just about everybody was fairly prosperous, the average CEOs pay was 20% more than the average employees.  In Japan today their CEOs pay does not exceed 10% more than the average employees.  Currently in America CEOs pay is 400% more than the average employees.  For a CEO to increase their wage you increase your employees wage, your wage goes up.  All positions created are created at a true “Living Wage”, a wage in which people can live comfortably & save for their own retirement.  All positions created will be a 28-hour workweek 7 hours a day 4 days a week with a minimum of $20/hour.  Anything over that will be overtime, excluding volunteering of course.  Give people a chance to raise their kids & just live & be a part of their global community.  Travel in your neighborhood, your state, province or out of your country.  Live & have time to research the issues you will be voting on because in a Utopian Society ”We The People" are responsible for more issues than not.  The additional free time should also be spent on continuing your education.  Companies Donate in parts, labor & or services the Maximum Tax Right Off to "Be Helpful, Not Hurtful".  "Pay it Forward" train & employ 5 additional people for no less than $75,000 per year.  "Pay it Forward" to 10 people.  "Pay it Forward" to 3 Local Small Businesses.
Large Businesses Policy
"Pay it Forward” train & employ 20 additional people for no less than $75,000 per year.  “Pay it Forward” to 40 people.  “Pay it Forward” to 3 Local Large Businesses.  Must meet all of the requirements for the Small Business Policy & Mission Statement.  Lastly please remember that these are the minimum requirements.
CEO Mentor & Franchise For Small & Large Businesses
This will guarantee that the owner will at least have the option to let the franchise run the company.  They still should have enough to live off of if they choose not to run their company.  Although, not nearly as much if they chose to act as CEO.  The CEOs Pay will be taken directly out of the Owners Pay.  We need the business & the owner to succeed for this to really work!  The Companies created & remodeled will be franchised until they have fulfilled their “Pay It Forward” commitment & proved that they can conduct business without the need of our franchise CEO Mentor.  After that, the CEO Mentor will leave along with your companies’ responsibility to pay that Salary.  You will also be given the choice to become your own entity or stay with the Franchise.
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007 Education

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Create a "Circle of Perfect Influence".  I believe in learning the right way, the first time.  Find the best in that field & learn as much as you can.  How can you learn to do something Perfect from someone who cannot do it Perfectly?  Videotape several Golf Coaches teaching how to get optimal backspin in slow motion.  This demonstrates the Perfect form for the Student to replicate.  Videotape Tiger Woods teaching that same technique in slow motion.  Have a Professional Golfer listen to the different directions & point out the obvious differences in form.  I guarantee you many of those Coaches will teach something incorrectly.  In some cases so incorrectly that the only way to every be more than average would be to unlearn what was taught.  How qualified are most of the kids Coaches of after Schoolteachers?  Many kids are learning bad habits & or bad sportsmanship.   
When teaching, History of the Spanish American War, for example.  We could have the American, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mayan, Iraqi, Egyptian & Grecian perspectives.  Everyone can learn history from the perspective of the involved countries, allies, combatants & neutral parties sharing their version of the truth.  This is the only way to really understand history & ensure that which is taught is the truth.  Potentially we could have group discussions on these topics with people all over the world.  A University could have a History Professor living on every corner of the Earth.  With live video conferencing or blogging group discussions from every corner of the Earth.  Discussing every part of history with one another agreeing & disagreeing but all learning from one another & in the end understanding everyone's different perspectives.
Kids have way too much unsupervised free time at home & on school property.  We need to have consequences spelled out step by step.  We must keep in mind that every child has an equal educational opportunity.  At the same time if we just focus on the negative, we get negative reinforcement.  As parents & educators it is our job to guide them to the right choices.  We need to flood them with so many positive choices that the negative choices loose their appeal.  Kicking the child out of school helps no one.  In fact, the negative ripple effects in the Community will be felt by that decision for generations to come.
Pay Teachers much more & model more of our Educational System off of a very old system of learning, Marital Arts.  In Martial Arts the Instructor teaches a technique.  The Student practices that technique slow & perfect.  There are more Advanced Students walking around to ensure the technique is in fact being done perfectly.  The Instructor watches the Advanced Students & the Beginning Students.  All this ensures that the interaction is without ego & Helpful to the Learning Process.  The Student after doing the technique slow & perfect 10 consecutive times, will then slowly increase the speed & repeat the procedure until the student can do the technique fast & perfect.  At that time, the Instructor will watch each Student perform that technique.  If they are doing the technique perfectly, they are then charged with the duty of remembering & passing down that technique.  If we do this, we can pay the Teachers more.  If Students are taught to teach in a Structured Environment, it will teach them to be more compassionate towards others & it is a great lesson if they ever find themselves a Parent later on.  Teaching gives you a much better understanding of the material thereby increasing the probability that the information will be moved from the Short Term Memory to the Long Term Memory.
4 to 1 Ratio of Assistants that all have completed the course they are assisting.  Classroom size should not exceed 20 students.  After that the Teacher is more monitoring then guiding.  The only way to increase the class size would be to add another Teacher or a Teaching Student & of course still continue the 4 to 1 Ratio of Assistant to Students.  Assistants create lesson plans & the Assistants help each other present their lessons to the class.  Students & Teachers grade the Assistants.  The Teacher can take pieces here & there to possibly be used in one or more areas of education.
As soon as I am a Non-Profit, I will go to one of my old employers & ask for a donation of an idea of mine.  We created a task based Educational Program in which you can acquire a BA at work.  Once the project strayed completely away from the Graduated Interval Recall, Computer Based Tutorials & all that the database was capable of, I left.  I had no more control over my idea.  While it was going in a great direction I want groundbreaking.  I want to create something that will bring us to what we are capable of & then make it available to everyone for free.
A Task Based Education Program with Career Counseling, Job Shadowing, Hands On Training, as well as In Class Instruction.  After completing a program, the Student not only receives a Bachelors Degree but they can do all of the Tasks needed for that Specific Job.  In this day & age technologies changing & becoming obsolete over night, we need to be able to become an Expert in a New Field quickly.  Fortunately with this Tasked Based Educational System, you save much needed time training for a New Career.  When your Career becomes obsolete & you must retrain for another Career many of your Previous Tasks will need little to no retraining.  Start your New Career search by searching the Tasks you already know.  Also making Self-Development, Exercise, Common Sense not just Languages Math & Sciences Education freely available.
Jet Engine Wind Turbine!  I would love to cover this turbine with 3D solar cell sheeting!  This is a perfect example of what can happen with shared knowledge.  These two fields would normally never work together but look what happens when they combine research.  I highly recommend watching this 5 minute video!
My Task Based Educational Playlist Videos 7 through 14 of 24
Below I have included the titles of each slide of the Educational Portion to the “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” Audio/Video Presentation.
 Video 7 of 24, The Education Portion starts 3 minutes into the video:  Driving Tomorrow: All Motorized Vehicles, Underground High-Speed Freeways, Never Again Will Weather Be A Factor When Driving, Separate Underground Bike & Running Paths. Moller Skycar:. Education: Job Specific Education & Training, Divisional Management Training Program, School To Work Program
Education Cont. Video 8 of 24:  Teachers: Teachers Will Always Be Necessary, We Will Always Need Those Who Wish To Teach, Making The Teachers Job Possible, Group Discussions, Structured Play, Students Must Be Guided To The Right Choices. Teachers Assistant: A Whole New Understanding, Quality Control, Lessons Taught By Teaching. Computer Based Tutorials: Task Specific Education, Learn From The Best At Their Best, Audio Video, Scan Books Into The Computer, New Words Being Introduced, Learn Wherever You Are
Education Cont.Video 9 of 24:  As A Child I Moved Around Quite A Bit.: I Remember One Move In Particular, And What Did I Receive For This Academic Achievement, Why Is That Lazy Kid Not Paying Attention. Educational Database: Clear Path, Right Or Left Brained, Graduated-Interval Recall.
Education Cont.Video 10 of 24:  Graduated-Interval Recall, Ensuring Retention
Education Cont.Video 11 of 24:  Database Benefits: Online Jobs, Questions, Step-By-Step Instructions, The Importance Of Asking Why, The Need For Project Management, Job Specific Training, Collegiate Shared Knowledge Database. Group Discussion By Blogging: Normally Many Voices Go Unheard, Not With This Format., Everyone Is Given The Chance To Speak., Everyone Is Given As Much Time As They Need To Respond Intelligently., Teach People To Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive., Teach How To Have A Discussion., Listen & Understand The Other Persons Perspective Then Make An Informed Decision. College Education Through CBT: Hands On Training, Qatar, Education City, Free Equal Education Is A Global Issue
Education Cont.Video 12 of 24:  What do you call someone who speaks two languages?:. Additional Languages:. Personal Development: Health & Physical Fitness, Creating A Circle Of Perfect Influence
Education Cont.Video 13 of 24:  Personal Development: Balance. Personal Development Cont.: Help Us Help You, Creating Job Instructions, Job Shadowing, Career Training, Some Personal Development Classes, 4 To 1 Ratio, Manual For Raising Kids, Personal Responsibility.
Education Cont.Video 14 of 24:  Personal Development Cont.: What do I want as opposed to what am I told I want? A Few Important Aspects Of The Show: Catherine Ryan Hyde, Taxes, National Show, Reality Clips Of Living Green, Show Time, High School & College Students, Home Gym. The Evolution Of Ideas:. The Stock Market Is Broken: Universal Free Medical
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008 International Community Building

 Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
International Community Building
I am sure that you have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.”  This is one very important ingredient to a Sustainable Utopia.  This saying comes from Africa where as a greeting they ask, “How are the children?”  We must come up with a way to calculate this.  If there were only some way to calculate Happiness, like in Bhutan.  In Bhutan they measure success not buy the Gross Domestic Product GDP but by Gross National Happiness GNH.  We should then measure individual GNH & the Gross Global Happiness GGH.  In the sense of “it takes a village to raise a child.”  I think one important piece to the puzzle would be a Representative from Bhutan helping to guide the people discussing what Utopia means to them.  The key is to not force this change upon people.  Make it appealing enough for them to choose to embrace this new lifestyle.  To create a Sustainable Utopia, no one can want for anything they need to Survive or Thrive, no one! 
There is an unsustainable design flaw within how we raise children today.  We do not educate the average person to understand what they should do, legally morally, as a person or for your Country.  All these things mean different things to different people.  We need to determine the core values needed to have a sustainable society.  I work in schools we constantly have parents coming in telling us that we can’t teach this & that to their kids because it has nothing to do with education.  They have way too much free time & are not being challenged.  In some cases the schools are ran by the kids.  Now it has got to the point that in some schools the teachers are afraid of the students & rightfully so.
We did not design the system to be sustainable.  We did not begin with the end in mind.   Creating a 40-hour workweek during the depression.  Before the industrial revolution people worked close to home if not at their home.  The kids were always near by seeing at least one their parents’ work ethic. Parents spent their days & nights parenting.  Equal rights for women doubling the workforce & cutting parenting by 75%.  She stays home he stays home who cares?  At least one parent should have the option to stay or work from home!
The businesses I plan to start up.  I am proposing a 28-hour workweek 7 hours a day 4 days a week with a minimum of $20/hour.  I will also be creating a great amount of work to be done from home.  This will give people a chance to raise their kids & just live & be a part of their global community.  Travel in your neighborhood, your state, province or out of your country.  Live & have time to research the issues you will be voting on because in a Utopian Society ”We The People" are responsible for more issues than not.  The additional free time should also be spent on continuing your education.
People move out of their parents & get a job.  It is not cool to live with your parents & they want their independence.  They move out before they have jobs that lead to careers.  They move out before they go to college.  They move out because they do not want to be a financial burden.  They move out because their parents want their space.  Before the industrial revolution, parents lived in the same home & helped raise the grandchildren.  Now we pay babysitters, daycare, retirement homes that overcharge us, under pay their workers so those under their care get abused.  I am not saying that I want our parents to move in with all of us.  I am just saying we should design sustainable alternatives.  For example, retirement homes could charge much less because some of the retirees volunteer a few hours of their time in daycare.  We can also have students help out in daycare as well.  We need to better prepare kids to be parents.  We need to guide them in closely supervised hands on environments. 
We need to Teach Self Development, which includes Fitness, Healthcare & Psychological Development.  We are limiting that which the schools can do in the sense of teaching morals & respect.  This is a very gray area because it is usually requires discipline in a public school & everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity education.  Most of the way around this is to use much more positive reinforcement within education, challenging the kids minds & keeping them busy.  In class, if you do not direct the energy in a positive way, the students will probably direct their energy in a negative way.  Give people a flood of positive choices that have nothing but attainable desirable rewards with a clear path.  By creating enough positive choices with a fair reward system, the bad choices will become less & less appealing.
Many people who get into gangs because there is no 'family' at home or the only 'safe' way to get to school is to join a gang.  Kids are not being guided at home or at school.  The way the system works it really only pays attention to you if you are doing something bad, otherwise known as negative reinforcement.
Recently a kid shot up several kids at a local underage nightclub.  The child had been in trouble with the law before.  He was released because he was “only a danger to himself.”  “Only a danger to himself”, How is that ok?  How are we ok with leaving the situation knowing that this child needs help & is not going to get it?  What do we expect to happen?  In fact, the negative ripple effects in the community will be felt by that decision for generations to come.  Bhutan believes that every child is a blessing!  We say we do but look at our actions.  We need to give children attention when they are doing positive things & to start teaching self-development at an early age all the way through every student’s Educational path.
A management class I took taught me “A positive emotion lasts 1 hour while a negative emotion lasts around 8 hours.  This is because we choose to be sad rather than happy.  When something bad happens we tend to dwell on it, feeling sad for ourselves.  This just makes you feel bad.  So by focusing on the bad you choose to be sad.”  The key to meditating on something negative is to spend more energy on the solution rather than the problem.  Choose to be happy it is after all your choice!  The Butterfly Effect works on emotions as well!  Think of the ripple effects of sadness & pain the oppression in Darfur & Myanmar generates, everyone including the planet itself feels the pain.  What do they say, “Nothing travels faster then bad news.”  Maybe there is more to that saying than we thought.
Everyone Contributes To Society.  With the average person “Paying It Forward” at a young age, we will teach more compassion for everyone & everything needing it.  Everyone is taught to help during school & 2-4 years afterwards you work towards bettering society.  Eventually I would hope this service would be payment for Free Education & Free Healthcare.  After school is finished everyone earns a home with a Greenhouse large enough to supply food for consumption, trade, Ethanol & Ethanol Byproducts.  After my educational system is finished, the average person could get the equivalent to a Masters Degree by 16-18 years of age.  You could easily complete your service to society by 18-22, you would still have time to raise your family & make your mark on the world or you should have the choice to just live off of the land.  People will retire earlier but we get so much more as a Society when everyone is better educated.  Also with the growing population, we will need the workforce to work less of their lifetime.  Instead of the retirement age continually rising, it will gradually fall!
Its only after “We The People” will have together discovered what “Utopia Means” & put it into a collective agreement(s), than we implement our “Collective Sustainable Utopia”.  I think the problem is that we keep trying to find someone with all of the answers.  When some questions can only be answered once the whole has come to an agreement.  Some answers because if we do not discover them together too many will feel left out.  Too many will have not had a voice.  Too many will not be in agreement, that is not Sustainable.  Lets not let just my idea bring the people together, let their ideas bring them together.  The Internet is the key.  We give people access & knowledge all over the world.  Then we talk.  We moderate only to ensure that no bad language is being used & to do our best to check the facts as quickly as possible.
Something went wrong along the way.  Instead of fixing the problems within the system we have grown accustomed to politics being corrupt.  We are left with who is the lesser of two evils as opposed to who is better to represent us.  So when it comes to Politics or more specifically Politicians, I then say, “Less bad is not good enough.”  Once there is an accurate fair way for everyone to vote, we can vote on prosecuting those truly responsible for this recession/depressionSeize their funds & put that money into a trust fund that supports the recovery project.  It can be Sustainable by never touching the principle only surviving off of the interest.
The most difficult challenge that we face ahead is to ensure fair elections.  How can we see these numbers accurately represented when the numbers are in the 10s & hundreds of millions?  How can the average person be sure that what they see is accurate?  When dealing with people in the 10s & 100s of millions the easier it becomes to falsify data.  Especially if one also had control over the outcome of the popular poll as well, we could easily be duped.  We need an accurate & immediate way of votingTwitter associated with identification numbers & a biometric scan are all part of the solutionI cannot stress the need for free equal education available to all.  Once the average person is educated properly, people could just be randomly selected.
Apathy, oppression bad news anything hurtful spreads like a virus.  When we ignore the oppression of others, it opens the door for our own oppression.  This is a Dichotomy, choosing to take action, be happy, be hopeful, be helpful, all spread like a virus.  We all cast stones into the water.  We all face a choice many times in our lives to have positive or negative ripple effects.
We need to get off of our collective butts & start collectively healing the planet & its economy as a priority to all!  Lets work to strengthen the global community by working together to build sustainable communities.  Lets choose to know our actions will have more positive than negative ripple effects!  Let our collective focused force not stop until we know, no one will want for anything needed to survive or thrive, no one!  Focus on ideal ideals.
People will create more and more positive ripple effects.  Thrive includes an excellent education.  Foster children to be helpful, truly creating a sustainable planet.  All helpful ripples will exponentially increase in size into helpful waves crashing into a tidal wave of helpful actions.  In no time at all we will see these ideal ideals evolve into attainable goals.  The beauty of choice is, we can choose to Be Helpful.  The Ripple Effects alone make it worth trying!  Worst case, every community is not just self-sustainable but healing the planet & everything on it, including us.  Worst case, we create high paying jobs in every community in a time that is being compared to the great depression far too often to make anyone really feel secure.  
Lets make some waves!  
Lets choose to evolve!  Lets choose to...
Be Helpful, Not Hurtful!
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010 More Details To The Sustainable Homes

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

Additional Features To The Sustainable Homes

Purchase condemned or foreclosed homes at very low prices.  Deconstruct & Construct to  be LEED Certified.

Solar/ Wind Turbines goal, generate at least 150% of the homes maximum usage.  Roof 50% Solar/Wind & 50% Native Plants.  Extra floor for an automated Greenhouse.  Grow enough food not just to survive but meet the needs for Ethanol & its Byproducts.

Regional Weatherizing, Preventive Measures For Probable Natural Disasters.

Genovations Ethanol Gen Set Car is also an Ethanol back up generator for the home.
Tesla Motors Electric Cars Battery has a Range of About 300 Miles.
Everything Sustains Everything!
Tankless Water Heaters do not waste money heating a tank of water all day & all night.  You only heat the water when needed.  It is cheaper, far more efficient & you never run out of hot water!
All structures built with Soy Based Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation.  The Soy Foam is Fire Resistant it just chars & does not catch flame & is great for soundproofing.

An Ethanol Powered Back Up Generator, as a standard in homes is a great idea. Having a diesel or gas generator indoors is more hazardous because of the fumes & the potential for combustion.  Ethanol burns much cleaner & is much safer to store.  My objective is 100% off of fossil fuels.  This is just one example of an ethanol generator on the market today.  “Lovecraft is converting generators!  They have developed a conversion kit for the Ship Lister-clone Generator. Lister-clones are used throughout the world & are based on the original 1929 design that requires very little maintenance. There are Lister Generators that have been going strong since the 1940's!  Lister-clone Generators are extremely rugged machines that produce between 3-6 kilowatts of steady electricity & are incredibly fuel-efficient. The Portland Lovecraft ran their generator for over 8 hours on less than a gallon of waste vegetable oil! These generators are water-cooling so the coolant can be used for heating living areas & mechanical tasks such as pumping water.”
Environmentally Controlled with Passive Cooling , a Natural Air Conditioning.  There are many forms of Passive Cooling I would like to use as many as possible.  Using the water pipes throughout the house can be Passive Cooling & a Sprinkler System. 
Full Basements designed with at least 7.0 – 8.0 earthquakes in mind.  Work on 10.0 earthquake proof, housing should reflect the technology of today, this includes Engineering.  When you run out of land build up or be even more creative, build down.  Create more space without needing more acreage.  It is funny how rare it is to see people building houses with basements & yet how everyone sees a basement as a big selling point.  Any building we build from the ground up will have at least a one-story basement.  Large drains with a shut off valve in every basement.

Rain Catchers or Cisterns capture 100s to 1000s of gallons of water.
There is a water pump inside to keep the water moving so it doesn’t get stale, stagnant or slimy.
Repair & Convert the Natural Gas Lines & Furnaces to Ethanol or other renewables
Indoor Greenhouse grows all fruits, vegetables, & spices needed for the household.  Solar panels inside the green house used to reflect artificial timed lights.  Irrigated to recycle water, all buildings will also recycle Grey Water.  Big drain in the floor with an easy shut off valve & Ph Sensors.  If requested & agreed to training we will supply the home with a larger greenhouse.  One in which will provide the opportunity to work from home growing produce for Ethanol Refinement.

Homes & Businesses made from Downcyclable materials will be Deconstructed.  By deconstructing, or gradually dismantling, it's possible to salvage those valuable materials for reuse-thus eliminating waste & lightening the burden on new resources. With deconstruction, many components can be reused: floorboards, framing lumber, stone & brick, & finish material such as moldings & doors are among them. Many materials that can't be reused can be salvaged for recycling; an old cement foundation, for instance, can be recycled into aggregate.
Space Saving as time goes on & the population grows, we are going to need to economize the space we have.  Let us not forget the need for space for all the animals.  We have all these species that we are trying to save & the ones that are thriving.  We are going to need to dedicate a great deal of space throughout the planet for this.  The Huge & Indoor Greenhouses will help with saving space.  In Example, they are cutting down the Tropical Rain Forest in Brazil to grow Soy.  They would not need to chop down all that land for crops & you grow much more with less space.  Nor do you need fertile land or a hospitable climate.
No one should want for anything needed to survive or thrive, no one!
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013 Sustainable Energy

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Sustainable Energy

Cover all Wind Turbines with 3D Solar Cells.

With the Nacelle on the ground there is no need to climb 250ft ladders, no need to risk anyone’s life.  Upgrade Current Turbines into Solar/Wind Turbine/Spiral Staircase/Greenhouses.

Combine Housing, Solar, Wind Turbines & a Multiple Floor Thanet Greenhouse.  Reap more harvests then any other farm!  Harvest Solar, Wind, Geothermal Energy & multiply Agricultural Harvests by at least 10 fold all within the same acreage.  Roof 50% Solar/Wind & 50% Native Plants.  Focus the excess energy to heal the Planet.  For example, the excess energy could be used to restore the Ice Caps by making ice. 

Below is a Topographical Map of the Northern Hemisphere.  The green blue rectangles are approximate suggestions for the Green Power Plant Ice Makers.


The $ saved in damages repair labor, then the emergency services needed alone would be worthwhile.  Then take in to account preserving the forests the people & animals lives.  Instead of being devastated by Nature, lets be proactive & harvest its energy!  Large Wind Turbines with Lightning Rods can Collect the Energy & disperse it through the Electromagnetic Train Tracks.  The train tracks power the train & work as Power Lines across the whole Country.
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020 PMMDb

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Project Management Methodology Database PMMDb
What is a Project Management Methodology Database or PMMDb?  It is essentially reverse engineering your way of business.  A PMMDb takes apart everything that you do & asks why.  Every part of your Business the PMMDb touches increases efficiency enough to make it a worthwhile investment!
I do not recommend creating your own PMMDb.  Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”.
A PMMDb is a very beautiful thing!  At first as a Supervisor, Manager or a Project Manager, it just seems like endless electronic forms to fill out every time you start a new project.  It does not take long to see the rewards.  The reason the forms are so detailed is to figure out exactly who should be involved with the project.  Every department involved with a Project, is automatically contacted when they should be.
An existing Company lets call it, “BHNH”, will have the right people providing input to curtail the software to BHNH specific wants & needs.  By using an outside source that has a similar template to run off of, they will have a time tested so close to perfect model brought to the drawing board.  The Database Co. lets call it, “MBDC”, will start off with things that would have taken BHNH years to think of if ever.
By involving all departments from the beginning, something as simple as the Database Fields being in the same order can save a lot of money.  For example Name, Date Of Hire, Date Of Birth, Social Security Number & Address Fields or places to store & access data.  Most departments will have need for this information.  If they are not involved from the beginning, something as simple as the order of the information can create extra work.  If the electronic forms are not designed to have the questions in the same order, we then have to pay a programmer to communicate between the databases & the form to send the information to the database in the order needed.
This also can create problems later on.  When there is a 'minor change', this task will probably need to be repeated.  The problem will probably only be noticed after there is an actual problem with the data.  The problem with the data will also need to be addressed, perhaps line-by-line.  Even if there is no change, there will probably be some form of problem just because the data is not being shared in a logical order.  What if the programmer that fixed the problem no longer works with us?  How long will it take to find that one line of code to switch the order of the fields?  Will they ever find the problem?
It is much easier to make these changes within an existing corporation saying that they are coming from an outside source thereby removing some of the “blame” for those resistant to change.  Again remembering the key here is educating your employees & being as honest & up front throughout the whole process.  Eliminate the fear before it exists & or has time to grow.  Replace the fear with an abundance of opportunities for advancement.  Share the opportunities for advancement as soon as they are known.  Give people more opportunities to learn more, be more & earn more.  The more people choose to be a part of the change, the less need to layoff workers, ideally no one.  After all you were making a profit with that employee when you were running inefficiently.  Wouldn’t it make sense to take this time to expand & retrain that same loyal employee?
Creating a PMMDb is like an Efficiency Expert going through all that a Company does.  Everyone keeps track of what he or she does & how long it takes, for about 3 months.   As everyone is tracking their time, they must try to remember any tasks that are performed infrequently, annually & bi-annually tasks for example.
Many times you will see the need to determine who should make a certain decision.  We see cases were expert opinions vary & conflict.  We ask another employee, maybe even a couple more.  Then ask the Supervisor.  The Supervisor asks the Manager.  The Manager determines the Chain of Command. Whose word trumps whose?  Messages are left & eventually returned.  Sometimes there is a lot of work going on to answer a question.  Rather than saving the work that was done & creating a clear path, we create the need to do the work again.  In an office setting I have noticed a scary number of people say in some form or another.  “I don’t know why, I was just told to do it that way.”  In most organizations there is a very high probability that person will train their replacement.  This person will probably modify some tasks for efficiency.  You cannot alter a task if you do not understand why it is done.  Yet somehow that task will probably be modified.  In training that task, the lack of importance will be passed on.  If there is a big Network change, not knowing how or why something is done will probably have adverse effects that will not be discovered until it is too late.  Then again maybe nothing will happen but why risk it.  The Database will eliminate unnecessary tasks & at the same time show a clear path as to why tasks need to be completed.
I worked for a National Retail Chain, in their Corporate Offices Retail Education & Training Department.  I was just about to create a Store List but there were over 300 stores.  I figured that someone must have an accurate Store List on the Shared Drive.  So I typed in "Store List" into the Shared Drive & about 20 pages came up.  I opened up about 50 of these Store Lists & only 1 was accurate.  It was the person who was in charge of Stores Opening & Closing.  I made that persons list the list everyone refers too.  In other words, we were paying at least 200 people to do the same task inaccurately!  The database ensures that this does not happen!
I have seen Departments working on the same project without knowing that another Department is working on the same thing or intentionally competing against each other.  The Database will ensure that they are always working together.  The Database will ensure that the end result is far superior with far less money spent.  I know it is impossible to keep track of all these conflicting things within an Organization.  A PMMDb is designed to do all of this in line with the Companies Mission Statement & Corporate Policies.  A PMMDb will spell out step-by-step instructions on any given task after it is recorded right once!  I see no point in reinventing the wheel each & every time.  We need to store much more information on Shared Centralized Databases.  I look at a computer as an employee.  If I had an employee that was capable of what it is capable of doing & does as little as it does in comparison, I would probably end up firing someone!
Here is another beautiful part of the Database.  Management meets once a month discussing their projects.  These meetings are essentially like having Efficiency Experts go through the Company every month!  They see if the Database missed any connections between projects & or Departments that should be involved that are not or in some thinking outside of the box way can apply.
Without a PMMDb typically how the system works is putting out the fires that are created without a clear path.  They are way too reactive.  Even when proactive, they are still only reactive.  For example, when work is created on the computer & saved in a Database, the money goes much further.  When they pay an employee to do a task & that task is not saved or shared, they are wasting money.  There is a high probability that they will once again pay someone to do that same task again & again & so on.  Each time you do it the old way your competitor gains 2 steps.
Typically anytime you mention a Centralized Database with Confidential Data, Management freaks out & says no for Legal reasons.  Well I do not blame them, the way the Computer Networks are usually set up they are right.  But if to get on the computer you had to type in a user name & password specific to you, then it can be done.  Once you log in, your desktop is your personal desktop no matter which computer in the network you log onto.  Your access is specific to your job code & any exceptions you may have.
Anytime information needs any form of data updated the person is contacted with ample time to complete the task.  The beauty of this is it gives you a much more accurate picture of manpower actually needed.  These numbers can automatically be sent into budgeting forms.  It’s less about what the computer can do & more about what we tell it to do.
I believe a PMMDb is exactly what our President is searching for but he just doesn't know it yet.  Cross the board PMMDb within every Department of the Government would save our Budget!  More importantly, I believe that it would create Sustainable Government.  As a Manager your pay is a direct reflection of how many people you manage what they make & what they do.  So if one of your employees comes up with a way to decrease the need for money in your department, you as a Manager could loose money or have less experience on your Resume.  If you do not spend your entire budget, you will not get that money next year.  The Database will ensure that the right people are making the important decisions for the right reasons.  When something pays attention to everything, it is hard to hide anything!
I have seen the “just for now product” last way too long in Business & Government.  You invest so much money that it is not cost effective to replace it without getting some use out of it.  Then everyone is trained on that way of doing things it will be expensive to retrain.  There are always people that are resistant to change sometimes they even end up being in charge.  Not directing this at anyone here just speaking generally.  If it is a computer system, then there is the logistics of transferring all of the data seamlessly.
Why even consider any “just for now product”?  Why start with something you know will eventually be replaced?  The future begins when we decide it does.  Then why not truly begin with no end in mind?  Wouldn’t that be the definition of sustainability?  If I had my way a PMMDb Co would finish our Business Plan.  Rather than waiting for Human Error, Common foreseeable problems or even uncommon problems, start with the most efficient model.  I plan to start up & upgrade several Small & Large Green Businesses.  Each Business will have a PMMDB to ensure efficiency & success of the winner & “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”.
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