Monday, July 5, 2010

003 Funding

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Human Rights Non Profit
"Be Helpful, Not Hurtful", is like Extreme Makeover Home Edition but Instead of one home given away per week across the country,

every local TV Station runs their version of,
“Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”!
 100's if not 1000's of homes will be given away every week

especially if it is Global

and aired more than one day a week!

Build all Small & Large Green Businesses needed to create Sustainable Communities creating high paying green careers.
Every Local TV Station Raffles Off & Gives Away Green Homes!  Multiple ways to win & or increase your chances of winning by volunteering & being Helpful.  Winners Must, “Pay It Forward!”
Advertisers will pay more because the viewers watch the TV Show for hidden clues in the TV Show & Commercials.  Use the clues to enter to win a brand new, Solar/Wind powered, environmentally friendly, 3 bedroom home & 2 green cars.
Use Product placement to receive donations of products & or money. Everything green we use & do, we are advertising for local services & products.
By building so many different variations of alternative energy & green living, all become cheaper faster!  The more we do it the cheaper it gets.
Eventually, we will have a Trust Fund & just spend the Revenue Gained never touching the Principle.  All Donations would be able to be added to the Principle just as the Multiple Ongoing Raffles.
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