Monday, July 5, 2010

004 Raffle

"Be Helpful, Not Hurtful"
Will be primarily donated through those that wish to win a home from the Raffle Tickets & Advertisers.  No limit to the number of tickets a person can buy.  The winner is randomly selected after 250,000 tickets are purchased.  Purchasing tickets increases your chance of winning by increasing the number of winners per month 40% towards the winner, 30% towards current projects and 30% into the Trust Fund for Future Projects.   Your chances are always 1 – 250,000 per ticket you buy.
How To Receive A New Or Remodeled Home
Volunteer & donate a very large amount of hours
Purchase At An Affordable Price & Reasonable Rates
Register To Win & Watch.  To register you must fill out the Questionnaire.  Every episode a code will be given for the next day’s drawings.  If you do not have Internet, you may send in your questionnaire and then register daily by phone.  Inspirational Quote, every episode has a different Inspirational Quote.  The inspirational quote is the code that needs to be entered each day for that days drawing.
Buy A Raffle Ticket
Show the Inspirational Quote before, after & occasionally during the middle of commercials.
Selection Process
Monday – Friday: 1 person selected per show.  1 small business remodeled or given away, 2 Random Winners & 2 Volunteers selected per week.  Once any of the Raffles have enough entries the winner of the Raffles will be televised as well.
Mon – Friday:  10 X Volunteers, the people vote and choose 1, 8 X People in Need, the people vote and choose 1, 6 X Random Winners, 1 X Employee, 1 X Small Business is created, expanded or remodeled
Sunday:  Something for a local the Community, the people blog ideas and then vote for what gets selected on the next show.  The Neighborhood is randomly selected.
25 people selected per week at 1 show per day Monday through Friday and 1 show on Sunday, 5 homes given away per show 1 Business Remodeled or Created Green given away and something for a Local Community per week.
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