Monday, July 5, 2010

005 Pay It Forward Workforce

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
If you win a home, you must help build it & “Pay it Forward” to or help rebuild or build at least 3 other houses & 1 green business.  Give hands on training to at least 3 people to do some of the tasks you did while “Paying It Forward”.  As you can tell from the picture above, in a short time the numbers become staggering!  These are the ripple effects of giving away just one home.  “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” will give away many homes per week, per TV Station & hopefully Globally.  Now think of those numbers as volunteers ready & willing to rebuild everything green.  Any organization that Partners with me, no matter the number of volunteers they donate, within 1 year of the first show being aired, I will return double the volunteers!  Up to & including 100% of the Organizations volunteers!  I would love to try this with Habitat For Humanity!
High School & College Students could receive hands on skills education.  High School Credit can also be given to those not currently enrolled in High School.  This includes people of all ages with access to the Internet or participating Community Centers.  Everyone gets credit for being Helpful.  Most of the homes can be constructed at the different manufactures & several different training facilities.  The actual homes will be assembled on site, like an Olde Fashioned Barn Raising but with today’s technologies.  Utilize as many local experts as we can recruit.  Experts help develop training materials & train additional help.  All the people who chose to pursue Green Careers & are now experts in their field train our volunteers.  All the designs we choose to use or modify make sure the creative minds behind those ideas are rewarded.  Share Knowledge, no point in reinventing the wheel.
Trade Green Home for Labor Policy, Employees & Volunteers only!  We will have to calculate the dollar amount of the desired house including the value of the property.  After that, then it is a direct trade for services rendered.  Volunteering also increases you chances of wining a home!  This will attract many more volunteers, like renters who are tired of renting & ready to own.  I am sure that there are many Unemployed & Homeless People who just want a chance to contribute to society again.  We could teach them how to build the houses & train them for green careers.
Please Note: The number of volunteers I return will be dependent on the numbers of TV Stations Airing “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.”  If Habitat For Humanity gave me access to all of their volunteers and I only had one TV Station Airing the Show, then of course I would not even be able to return an equal amount of the hours donated.  If Habitat For Humanity donated all the volunteers needed to create the first season, I know with the positive ripple effects this will create, I could return double the hours donated within a year!  This is also true for each and every TV Station that shoots a local version of “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.”  The more Habitat For Humanity helps me, the more they have to gain!  Given enough time, many of the Non-Profits Mission Statements that help me will change from unattainable ideals into attainable goals.  I think that we will find this in many areas.  If we truly have ideal ideals, given enough time and collective energy, we can change many unattainable ideals into attainable goals!  We just must use lots of positive reinforcement to receive positive results.  The more positive reinforcement we use, the more positive results we will see!  We know this from the evidence of our current dichotomy system of negative reinforcement in which criminals are getting the most work and attention by the system.

The planet & the economy are on a very short time frame, so lets act like it!  As Global Warming/Cooling, Climate Change are being debated, we are perpetuating the problems rather then fixing our known unsustainable actions.  Is it not the definition of insanity to continue to do the same actions expecting a different outcome?  Our economy is on the brink of collapse, we need jobs & this creates high paying green careers.  Most people cannot afford to eat healthy many of the unhealthy choices shouldn't even be legal.  People will be able to grow their own organic produce out of a green house inside their homes.  Each day we are closer to needing to be collectively restoring the planet & the economy as a priority to all.  My intention is to get people to choose to be helpful with tons of positive reinforcement!  Please, help me Be Helpful!  Please consider just for a moment the positive ripple effects of 1 TV Station, now 10, 20, 100 & 500.  While you are considering the ripple effects don’t forget to calculate every winner must "Pay It Forward" & help build 3 green homes.
Lets choose to evolve, lets choose to,
Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
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