Monday, July 5, 2010

006 Business Pay It Forward Policies

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Business Pay it Forward Policies
Small Business Policy
By registering to win a Business, you agree to the following Small Businesses Policy.  Upcycling, everything must have an easy way to Upcycle.  This includes having information for customers on Upcycling anything that is purchased from your company before it is sold.  We will provide any assistance necessary.  Provide more Working From Home Opportunities.  Let us look at what jobs should be done from home.  Not just data entry but video conferencing meetings as well.  A lot of clerical & secretarial work could be done from home.  Saving natural resources, saving the employees time, less stress, if a parent, they have more time to raise their child.  Provide step-by-step job instructions for all positions available broken down by tasks.  If need be, you can work with us in developing training materials for all positions & tasks within your company.  Link all participating small businesses to our website.  Anyone will be able to donate to specific programs & or use specific services.  The CEOs pay will not to exceed 20% more than the average employees.  During the 80s when just about everybody was fairly prosperous, the average CEOs pay was 20% more than the average employees.  In Japan today their CEOs pay does not exceed 10% more than the average employees.  Currently in America CEOs pay is 400% more than the average employees.  For a CEO to increase their wage you increase your employees wage, your wage goes up.  All positions created are created at a true “Living Wage”, a wage in which people can live comfortably & save for their own retirement.  All positions created will be a 28-hour workweek 7 hours a day 4 days a week with a minimum of $20/hour.  Anything over that will be overtime, excluding volunteering of course.  Give people a chance to raise their kids & just live & be a part of their global community.  Travel in your neighborhood, your state, province or out of your country.  Live & have time to research the issues you will be voting on because in a Utopian Society ”We The People" are responsible for more issues than not.  The additional free time should also be spent on continuing your education.  Companies Donate in parts, labor & or services the Maximum Tax Right Off to "Be Helpful, Not Hurtful".  "Pay it Forward" train & employ 5 additional people for no less than $75,000 per year.  "Pay it Forward" to 10 people.  "Pay it Forward" to 3 Local Small Businesses.
Large Businesses Policy
"Pay it Forward” train & employ 20 additional people for no less than $75,000 per year.  “Pay it Forward” to 40 people.  “Pay it Forward” to 3 Local Large Businesses.  Must meet all of the requirements for the Small Business Policy & Mission Statement.  Lastly please remember that these are the minimum requirements.
CEO Mentor & Franchise For Small & Large Businesses
This will guarantee that the owner will at least have the option to let the franchise run the company.  They still should have enough to live off of if they choose not to run their company.  Although, not nearly as much if they chose to act as CEO.  The CEOs Pay will be taken directly out of the Owners Pay.  We need the business & the owner to succeed for this to really work!  The Companies created & remodeled will be franchised until they have fulfilled their “Pay It Forward” commitment & proved that they can conduct business without the need of our franchise CEO Mentor.  After that, the CEO Mentor will leave along with your companies’ responsibility to pay that Salary.  You will also be given the choice to become your own entity or stay with the Franchise.
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