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Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Create a "Circle of Perfect Influence".  I believe in learning the right way, the first time.  Find the best in that field & learn as much as you can.  How can you learn to do something Perfect from someone who cannot do it Perfectly?  Videotape several Golf Coaches teaching how to get optimal backspin in slow motion.  This demonstrates the Perfect form for the Student to replicate.  Videotape Tiger Woods teaching that same technique in slow motion.  Have a Professional Golfer listen to the different directions & point out the obvious differences in form.  I guarantee you many of those Coaches will teach something incorrectly.  In some cases so incorrectly that the only way to every be more than average would be to unlearn what was taught.  How qualified are most of the kids Coaches of after Schoolteachers?  Many kids are learning bad habits & or bad sportsmanship.   
When teaching, History of the Spanish American War, for example.  We could have the American, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mayan, Iraqi, Egyptian & Grecian perspectives.  Everyone can learn history from the perspective of the involved countries, allies, combatants & neutral parties sharing their version of the truth.  This is the only way to really understand history & ensure that which is taught is the truth.  Potentially we could have group discussions on these topics with people all over the world.  A University could have a History Professor living on every corner of the Earth.  With live video conferencing or blogging group discussions from every corner of the Earth.  Discussing every part of history with one another agreeing & disagreeing but all learning from one another & in the end understanding everyone's different perspectives.
Kids have way too much unsupervised free time at home & on school property.  We need to have consequences spelled out step by step.  We must keep in mind that every child has an equal educational opportunity.  At the same time if we just focus on the negative, we get negative reinforcement.  As parents & educators it is our job to guide them to the right choices.  We need to flood them with so many positive choices that the negative choices loose their appeal.  Kicking the child out of school helps no one.  In fact, the negative ripple effects in the Community will be felt by that decision for generations to come.
Pay Teachers much more & model more of our Educational System off of a very old system of learning, Marital Arts.  In Martial Arts the Instructor teaches a technique.  The Student practices that technique slow & perfect.  There are more Advanced Students walking around to ensure the technique is in fact being done perfectly.  The Instructor watches the Advanced Students & the Beginning Students.  All this ensures that the interaction is without ego & Helpful to the Learning Process.  The Student after doing the technique slow & perfect 10 consecutive times, will then slowly increase the speed & repeat the procedure until the student can do the technique fast & perfect.  At that time, the Instructor will watch each Student perform that technique.  If they are doing the technique perfectly, they are then charged with the duty of remembering & passing down that technique.  If we do this, we can pay the Teachers more.  If Students are taught to teach in a Structured Environment, it will teach them to be more compassionate towards others & it is a great lesson if they ever find themselves a Parent later on.  Teaching gives you a much better understanding of the material thereby increasing the probability that the information will be moved from the Short Term Memory to the Long Term Memory.
4 to 1 Ratio of Assistants that all have completed the course they are assisting.  Classroom size should not exceed 20 students.  After that the Teacher is more monitoring then guiding.  The only way to increase the class size would be to add another Teacher or a Teaching Student & of course still continue the 4 to 1 Ratio of Assistant to Students.  Assistants create lesson plans & the Assistants help each other present their lessons to the class.  Students & Teachers grade the Assistants.  The Teacher can take pieces here & there to possibly be used in one or more areas of education.
As soon as I am a Non-Profit, I will go to one of my old employers & ask for a donation of an idea of mine.  We created a task based Educational Program in which you can acquire a BA at work.  Once the project strayed completely away from the Graduated Interval Recall, Computer Based Tutorials & all that the database was capable of, I left.  I had no more control over my idea.  While it was going in a great direction I want groundbreaking.  I want to create something that will bring us to what we are capable of & then make it available to everyone for free.
A Task Based Education Program with Career Counseling, Job Shadowing, Hands On Training, as well as In Class Instruction.  After completing a program, the Student not only receives a Bachelors Degree but they can do all of the Tasks needed for that Specific Job.  In this day & age technologies changing & becoming obsolete over night, we need to be able to become an Expert in a New Field quickly.  Fortunately with this Tasked Based Educational System, you save much needed time training for a New Career.  When your Career becomes obsolete & you must retrain for another Career many of your Previous Tasks will need little to no retraining.  Start your New Career search by searching the Tasks you already know.  Also making Self-Development, Exercise, Common Sense not just Languages Math & Sciences Education freely available.
Jet Engine Wind Turbine!  I would love to cover this turbine with 3D solar cell sheeting!  This is a perfect example of what can happen with shared knowledge.  These two fields would normally never work together but look what happens when they combine research.  I highly recommend watching this 5 minute video!
My Task Based Educational Playlist Videos 7 through 14 of 24
Below I have included the titles of each slide of the Educational Portion to the “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” Audio/Video Presentation.
 Video 7 of 24, The Education Portion starts 3 minutes into the video:  Driving Tomorrow: All Motorized Vehicles, Underground High-Speed Freeways, Never Again Will Weather Be A Factor When Driving, Separate Underground Bike & Running Paths. Moller Skycar:. Education: Job Specific Education & Training, Divisional Management Training Program, School To Work Program
Education Cont. Video 8 of 24:  Teachers: Teachers Will Always Be Necessary, We Will Always Need Those Who Wish To Teach, Making The Teachers Job Possible, Group Discussions, Structured Play, Students Must Be Guided To The Right Choices. Teachers Assistant: A Whole New Understanding, Quality Control, Lessons Taught By Teaching. Computer Based Tutorials: Task Specific Education, Learn From The Best At Their Best, Audio Video, Scan Books Into The Computer, New Words Being Introduced, Learn Wherever You Are
Education Cont.Video 9 of 24:  As A Child I Moved Around Quite A Bit.: I Remember One Move In Particular, And What Did I Receive For This Academic Achievement, Why Is That Lazy Kid Not Paying Attention. Educational Database: Clear Path, Right Or Left Brained, Graduated-Interval Recall.
Education Cont.Video 10 of 24:  Graduated-Interval Recall, Ensuring Retention
Education Cont.Video 11 of 24:  Database Benefits: Online Jobs, Questions, Step-By-Step Instructions, The Importance Of Asking Why, The Need For Project Management, Job Specific Training, Collegiate Shared Knowledge Database. Group Discussion By Blogging: Normally Many Voices Go Unheard, Not With This Format., Everyone Is Given The Chance To Speak., Everyone Is Given As Much Time As They Need To Respond Intelligently., Teach People To Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive., Teach How To Have A Discussion., Listen & Understand The Other Persons Perspective Then Make An Informed Decision. College Education Through CBT: Hands On Training, Qatar, Education City, Free Equal Education Is A Global Issue
Education Cont.Video 12 of 24:  What do you call someone who speaks two languages?:. Additional Languages:. Personal Development: Health & Physical Fitness, Creating A Circle Of Perfect Influence
Education Cont.Video 13 of 24:  Personal Development: Balance. Personal Development Cont.: Help Us Help You, Creating Job Instructions, Job Shadowing, Career Training, Some Personal Development Classes, 4 To 1 Ratio, Manual For Raising Kids, Personal Responsibility.
Education Cont.Video 14 of 24:  Personal Development Cont.: What do I want as opposed to what am I told I want? A Few Important Aspects Of The Show: Catherine Ryan Hyde, Taxes, National Show, Reality Clips Of Living Green, Show Time, High School & College Students, Home Gym. The Evolution Of Ideas:. The Stock Market Is Broken: Universal Free Medical
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