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008 International Community Building

 Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
International Community Building
I am sure that you have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.”  This is one very important ingredient to a Sustainable Utopia.  This saying comes from Africa where as a greeting they ask, “How are the children?”  We must come up with a way to calculate this.  If there were only some way to calculate Happiness, like in Bhutan.  In Bhutan they measure success not buy the Gross Domestic Product GDP but by Gross National Happiness GNH.  We should then measure individual GNH & the Gross Global Happiness GGH.  In the sense of “it takes a village to raise a child.”  I think one important piece to the puzzle would be a Representative from Bhutan helping to guide the people discussing what Utopia means to them.  The key is to not force this change upon people.  Make it appealing enough for them to choose to embrace this new lifestyle.  To create a Sustainable Utopia, no one can want for anything they need to Survive or Thrive, no one! 
There is an unsustainable design flaw within how we raise children today.  We do not educate the average person to understand what they should do, legally morally, as a person or for your Country.  All these things mean different things to different people.  We need to determine the core values needed to have a sustainable society.  I work in schools we constantly have parents coming in telling us that we can’t teach this & that to their kids because it has nothing to do with education.  They have way too much free time & are not being challenged.  In some cases the schools are ran by the kids.  Now it has got to the point that in some schools the teachers are afraid of the students & rightfully so.
We did not design the system to be sustainable.  We did not begin with the end in mind.   Creating a 40-hour workweek during the depression.  Before the industrial revolution people worked close to home if not at their home.  The kids were always near by seeing at least one their parents’ work ethic. Parents spent their days & nights parenting.  Equal rights for women doubling the workforce & cutting parenting by 75%.  She stays home he stays home who cares?  At least one parent should have the option to stay or work from home!
The businesses I plan to start up.  I am proposing a 28-hour workweek 7 hours a day 4 days a week with a minimum of $20/hour.  I will also be creating a great amount of work to be done from home.  This will give people a chance to raise their kids & just live & be a part of their global community.  Travel in your neighborhood, your state, province or out of your country.  Live & have time to research the issues you will be voting on because in a Utopian Society ”We The People" are responsible for more issues than not.  The additional free time should also be spent on continuing your education.
People move out of their parents & get a job.  It is not cool to live with your parents & they want their independence.  They move out before they have jobs that lead to careers.  They move out before they go to college.  They move out because they do not want to be a financial burden.  They move out because their parents want their space.  Before the industrial revolution, parents lived in the same home & helped raise the grandchildren.  Now we pay babysitters, daycare, retirement homes that overcharge us, under pay their workers so those under their care get abused.  I am not saying that I want our parents to move in with all of us.  I am just saying we should design sustainable alternatives.  For example, retirement homes could charge much less because some of the retirees volunteer a few hours of their time in daycare.  We can also have students help out in daycare as well.  We need to better prepare kids to be parents.  We need to guide them in closely supervised hands on environments. 
We need to Teach Self Development, which includes Fitness, Healthcare & Psychological Development.  We are limiting that which the schools can do in the sense of teaching morals & respect.  This is a very gray area because it is usually requires discipline in a public school & everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity education.  Most of the way around this is to use much more positive reinforcement within education, challenging the kids minds & keeping them busy.  In class, if you do not direct the energy in a positive way, the students will probably direct their energy in a negative way.  Give people a flood of positive choices that have nothing but attainable desirable rewards with a clear path.  By creating enough positive choices with a fair reward system, the bad choices will become less & less appealing.
Many people who get into gangs because there is no 'family' at home or the only 'safe' way to get to school is to join a gang.  Kids are not being guided at home or at school.  The way the system works it really only pays attention to you if you are doing something bad, otherwise known as negative reinforcement.
Recently a kid shot up several kids at a local underage nightclub.  The child had been in trouble with the law before.  He was released because he was “only a danger to himself.”  “Only a danger to himself”, How is that ok?  How are we ok with leaving the situation knowing that this child needs help & is not going to get it?  What do we expect to happen?  In fact, the negative ripple effects in the community will be felt by that decision for generations to come.  Bhutan believes that every child is a blessing!  We say we do but look at our actions.  We need to give children attention when they are doing positive things & to start teaching self-development at an early age all the way through every student’s Educational path.
A management class I took taught me “A positive emotion lasts 1 hour while a negative emotion lasts around 8 hours.  This is because we choose to be sad rather than happy.  When something bad happens we tend to dwell on it, feeling sad for ourselves.  This just makes you feel bad.  So by focusing on the bad you choose to be sad.”  The key to meditating on something negative is to spend more energy on the solution rather than the problem.  Choose to be happy it is after all your choice!  The Butterfly Effect works on emotions as well!  Think of the ripple effects of sadness & pain the oppression in Darfur & Myanmar generates, everyone including the planet itself feels the pain.  What do they say, “Nothing travels faster then bad news.”  Maybe there is more to that saying than we thought.
Everyone Contributes To Society.  With the average person “Paying It Forward” at a young age, we will teach more compassion for everyone & everything needing it.  Everyone is taught to help during school & 2-4 years afterwards you work towards bettering society.  Eventually I would hope this service would be payment for Free Education & Free Healthcare.  After school is finished everyone earns a home with a Greenhouse large enough to supply food for consumption, trade, Ethanol & Ethanol Byproducts.  After my educational system is finished, the average person could get the equivalent to a Masters Degree by 16-18 years of age.  You could easily complete your service to society by 18-22, you would still have time to raise your family & make your mark on the world or you should have the choice to just live off of the land.  People will retire earlier but we get so much more as a Society when everyone is better educated.  Also with the growing population, we will need the workforce to work less of their lifetime.  Instead of the retirement age continually rising, it will gradually fall!
Its only after “We The People” will have together discovered what “Utopia Means” & put it into a collective agreement(s), than we implement our “Collective Sustainable Utopia”.  I think the problem is that we keep trying to find someone with all of the answers.  When some questions can only be answered once the whole has come to an agreement.  Some answers because if we do not discover them together too many will feel left out.  Too many will have not had a voice.  Too many will not be in agreement, that is not Sustainable.  Lets not let just my idea bring the people together, let their ideas bring them together.  The Internet is the key.  We give people access & knowledge all over the world.  Then we talk.  We moderate only to ensure that no bad language is being used & to do our best to check the facts as quickly as possible.
Something went wrong along the way.  Instead of fixing the problems within the system we have grown accustomed to politics being corrupt.  We are left with who is the lesser of two evils as opposed to who is better to represent us.  So when it comes to Politics or more specifically Politicians, I then say, “Less bad is not good enough.”  Once there is an accurate fair way for everyone to vote, we can vote on prosecuting those truly responsible for this recession/depressionSeize their funds & put that money into a trust fund that supports the recovery project.  It can be Sustainable by never touching the principle only surviving off of the interest.
The most difficult challenge that we face ahead is to ensure fair elections.  How can we see these numbers accurately represented when the numbers are in the 10s & hundreds of millions?  How can the average person be sure that what they see is accurate?  When dealing with people in the 10s & 100s of millions the easier it becomes to falsify data.  Especially if one also had control over the outcome of the popular poll as well, we could easily be duped.  We need an accurate & immediate way of votingTwitter associated with identification numbers & a biometric scan are all part of the solutionI cannot stress the need for free equal education available to all.  Once the average person is educated properly, people could just be randomly selected.
Apathy, oppression bad news anything hurtful spreads like a virus.  When we ignore the oppression of others, it opens the door for our own oppression.  This is a Dichotomy, choosing to take action, be happy, be hopeful, be helpful, all spread like a virus.  We all cast stones into the water.  We all face a choice many times in our lives to have positive or negative ripple effects.
We need to get off of our collective butts & start collectively healing the planet & its economy as a priority to all!  Lets work to strengthen the global community by working together to build sustainable communities.  Lets choose to know our actions will have more positive than negative ripple effects!  Let our collective focused force not stop until we know, no one will want for anything needed to survive or thrive, no one!  Focus on ideal ideals.
People will create more and more positive ripple effects.  Thrive includes an excellent education.  Foster children to be helpful, truly creating a sustainable planet.  All helpful ripples will exponentially increase in size into helpful waves crashing into a tidal wave of helpful actions.  In no time at all we will see these ideal ideals evolve into attainable goals.  The beauty of choice is, we can choose to Be Helpful.  The Ripple Effects alone make it worth trying!  Worst case, every community is not just self-sustainable but healing the planet & everything on it, including us.  Worst case, we create high paying jobs in every community in a time that is being compared to the great depression far too often to make anyone really feel secure.  
Lets make some waves!  
Lets choose to evolve!  Lets choose to...
Be Helpful, Not Hurtful!
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