Monday, July 5, 2010

010 More Details To The Sustainable Homes

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

Additional Features To The Sustainable Homes

Purchase condemned or foreclosed homes at very low prices.  Deconstruct & Construct to  be LEED Certified.

Solar/ Wind Turbines goal, generate at least 150% of the homes maximum usage.  Roof 50% Solar/Wind & 50% Native Plants.  Extra floor for an automated Greenhouse.  Grow enough food not just to survive but meet the needs for Ethanol & its Byproducts.

Regional Weatherizing, Preventive Measures For Probable Natural Disasters.

Genovations Ethanol Gen Set Car is also an Ethanol back up generator for the home.
Tesla Motors Electric Cars Battery has a Range of About 300 Miles.
Everything Sustains Everything!
Tankless Water Heaters do not waste money heating a tank of water all day & all night.  You only heat the water when needed.  It is cheaper, far more efficient & you never run out of hot water!
All structures built with Soy Based Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation.  The Soy Foam is Fire Resistant it just chars & does not catch flame & is great for soundproofing.

An Ethanol Powered Back Up Generator, as a standard in homes is a great idea. Having a diesel or gas generator indoors is more hazardous because of the fumes & the potential for combustion.  Ethanol burns much cleaner & is much safer to store.  My objective is 100% off of fossil fuels.  This is just one example of an ethanol generator on the market today.  “Lovecraft is converting generators!  They have developed a conversion kit for the Ship Lister-clone Generator. Lister-clones are used throughout the world & are based on the original 1929 design that requires very little maintenance. There are Lister Generators that have been going strong since the 1940's!  Lister-clone Generators are extremely rugged machines that produce between 3-6 kilowatts of steady electricity & are incredibly fuel-efficient. The Portland Lovecraft ran their generator for over 8 hours on less than a gallon of waste vegetable oil! These generators are water-cooling so the coolant can be used for heating living areas & mechanical tasks such as pumping water.”
Environmentally Controlled with Passive Cooling , a Natural Air Conditioning.  There are many forms of Passive Cooling I would like to use as many as possible.  Using the water pipes throughout the house can be Passive Cooling & a Sprinkler System. 
Full Basements designed with at least 7.0 – 8.0 earthquakes in mind.  Work on 10.0 earthquake proof, housing should reflect the technology of today, this includes Engineering.  When you run out of land build up or be even more creative, build down.  Create more space without needing more acreage.  It is funny how rare it is to see people building houses with basements & yet how everyone sees a basement as a big selling point.  Any building we build from the ground up will have at least a one-story basement.  Large drains with a shut off valve in every basement.

Rain Catchers or Cisterns capture 100s to 1000s of gallons of water.
There is a water pump inside to keep the water moving so it doesn’t get stale, stagnant or slimy.
Repair & Convert the Natural Gas Lines & Furnaces to Ethanol or other renewables
Indoor Greenhouse grows all fruits, vegetables, & spices needed for the household.  Solar panels inside the green house used to reflect artificial timed lights.  Irrigated to recycle water, all buildings will also recycle Grey Water.  Big drain in the floor with an easy shut off valve & Ph Sensors.  If requested & agreed to training we will supply the home with a larger greenhouse.  One in which will provide the opportunity to work from home growing produce for Ethanol Refinement.

Homes & Businesses made from Downcyclable materials will be Deconstructed.  By deconstructing, or gradually dismantling, it's possible to salvage those valuable materials for reuse-thus eliminating waste & lightening the burden on new resources. With deconstruction, many components can be reused: floorboards, framing lumber, stone & brick, & finish material such as moldings & doors are among them. Many materials that can't be reused can be salvaged for recycling; an old cement foundation, for instance, can be recycled into aggregate.
Space Saving as time goes on & the population grows, we are going to need to economize the space we have.  Let us not forget the need for space for all the animals.  We have all these species that we are trying to save & the ones that are thriving.  We are going to need to dedicate a great deal of space throughout the planet for this.  The Huge & Indoor Greenhouses will help with saving space.  In Example, they are cutting down the Tropical Rain Forest in Brazil to grow Soy.  They would not need to chop down all that land for crops & you grow much more with less space.  Nor do you need fertile land or a hospitable climate.
No one should want for anything needed to survive or thrive, no one!
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