Monday, July 5, 2010

013 Sustainable Energy

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Sustainable Energy

Cover all Wind Turbines with 3D Solar Cells.

With the Nacelle on the ground there is no need to climb 250ft ladders, no need to risk anyone’s life.  Upgrade Current Turbines into Solar/Wind Turbine/Spiral Staircase/Greenhouses.

Combine Housing, Solar, Wind Turbines & a Multiple Floor Thanet Greenhouse.  Reap more harvests then any other farm!  Harvest Solar, Wind, Geothermal Energy & multiply Agricultural Harvests by at least 10 fold all within the same acreage.  Roof 50% Solar/Wind & 50% Native Plants.  Focus the excess energy to heal the Planet.  For example, the excess energy could be used to restore the Ice Caps by making ice. 

Below is a Topographical Map of the Northern Hemisphere.  The green blue rectangles are approximate suggestions for the Green Power Plant Ice Makers.


The $ saved in damages repair labor, then the emergency services needed alone would be worthwhile.  Then take in to account preserving the forests the people & animals lives.  Instead of being devastated by Nature, lets be proactive & harvest its energy!  Large Wind Turbines with Lightning Rods can Collect the Energy & disperse it through the Electromagnetic Train Tracks.  The train tracks power the train & work as Power Lines across the whole Country.
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