Monday, July 5, 2010

030 What Do I Need To Get Started

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

How Can You Help Me?
Please let me know what experience you have that might be relevant.  Do not feel obligated to send me a Resume but if you do, I am sure it would be helpful.  How do you think you would be most effectively utilized?  And where do you want to help?  When this is up and running full speed, what position would you strive for?  Do you have any connections that could be helpful?  Do you work at or go to School?  You could post information on your campus.  Tell Students, Teachers, Professors, Principles, Deans & Administrative Staff.  If you work or know anyone within Media, Non-Profit Mangers or above, you could ask them to check out my videos.  Would you like to be on a “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” mailing list, network or both?  At the bottom of the link below, you will find pre-made letters.  Please send these Letters & tell people about, “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”, any chance you get If this is all you have time to do, I cannot tell you how much it would help & I appreciate any effort on your part!  Think, “Pay It Forward” send 3 letters to 3 people & have them send it to 3 people.  Letters To: Educational Non-Profits, TV Networks, Sustainable Food Non Profits, Habitat For Humanity or Community Building, Homeless Unemployment Non Profits. 
Who looks for Inspirational Videos?  Who actually watches them?  Who in their right mind, in this busy, rush, care for yourself world, would then offer something so precious as time?  YOU, thank you!!!!  The more people that offer their help the more I dare to hope.  That is the beauty of hope, its ripple effects can be like a virus, lets spread some hope.  Each time someone asks me, “How can I help”, I am recharged with positive energy growing within myself & “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”, thank you so much!  I cannot wait until I am in a position of which my positive reinforcement is far more than just words of praise & thank you!  It is the people who believed & helped before there is any assurance of gain, you are the ones who can make this possible.  All we have to do is make others want it half as much as we do.
What I am trying to do is huge & takes on many different needs.  There will be many opportunities for people to try out new tasks & dare I say eventually careers.
Everything Helpful, helps.
What Do I Need To Get Started?
I am looking for at least 1 of 7 things right now:
1. Project Management Methodology Database Company PMMDb Co., to finish the Business Plan and Business Templates to help us become a Non-Profit and their services are included in the Business Plan.  PMMDB Co willing to do Pro Bono Work, with at least 1 client that is happy and has been serviced ongoing for over 3 years that I can contact.  I plan to start up and upgrade several small and large green businesses.  Each business will have a PMMDB to ensure efficiency and success.
2. A Non-Profit that starts up Non-Profits to finish the Business Plan and hopefully help with the Non-Profit start-up process.
3. Any Board Member from any of the Companies we wish to Partner with.  Habitat For Humanity, MBDC LEED Certified Civil Engineer & or Architect, Extreme Makeover Home Edition or This Old House Representative, Television Executive, Green Construction Deconstruction Co. Executive, United Nations Think Tank, TED, Certified Fund Raising Executive CFRE, PMMDb Co Executive or Expert, International Non-Profit, Housing, Business & Education Law Firm Partner or Lawyer, Education & Training preferably Administration from a University or Education City
4. A Television Network to air “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” & help with Non-Profit start-up process.
5. Someone in The United Nations or any Government to recommend “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” as a potential solution to the climate & or economy and hopefully help with the Non-Profit start-up process.
6. A skilled individual to volunteer & complete the Business Plan.  The presentation is just as much of a Business Plan as an Idea.  It has enough to get the interest of the right person or organization to finish the Business Plan.  We know that there will be some additional questions.
7. A “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” Story Featured Within Mass Media
I am open to and would appreciate your advice, just please, Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.  The best boss I have ever had, told me to not come to her with a problem.  It was my job to come to her with the problem and the solution.  When you come to your boss with just a problem, the problem may never get fixed even if they try.  If there is a fix, it may be nothing of what you wanted or needed.  Besides usually the best person to come up with the solution is the person who spotted the problem.  For this program to succeed it is imperative that in the beginning I surround myself with people who continually challenge themselves and see each roadblock as an opportunity!  I will have an Active Board Position or one of the first homes for the person who successfully makes me a Non-Profit and puts me in a position to where I would feel comfortable quitting my full time job and work on this full time!  We will set you up for success either way.  What you get is up to you.
Thank you for your time and we appreciate any & all help you can give us!

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

Charles Hancock

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