Monday, October 5, 2009

001a Human Rights Non Profits


  1. wow, u have got some really interesting things going here. what i understand all these r from your research paper. u r doing a phd, arent u? if not, give it a real thought. anyways u rock.
    one thing more, this site is awesome, but if u want people to get drawn to your site, u will have to think of formatting the texts a little more. use a particular font size for the regular posts and for the lines u want to highlight make them 2 or 3 counts more and not very big ones. pls maintain a flow of design and always justify the texts instead of alligning them left or right.
    place the pictures in between and try to wrap them with texts. u can use simple html here. this site allows them.
    saying all this because this site has some real potential and real good and unique ideas. also think of getting your ideas copyrighted. trust me these r good ones and anyone can pick your ideas and publish them as their own.

  2. Thank you Sourav for your Helpful comments! I was having trouble attaching meta tags. When I was editing, I found the easy way to do it and now my blog can be found via search engines.


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